Writing A 7th Grade Essay On Classmates: Useful Tips

The 7the grade is the pinnacle of middle school. As young boys and girls go through puberty, they rediscover themselves and experiment with their personalities, likes and dislikes. As they re-invent themselves, they also switch out their old friends for new ones that go well with their new identities. This change in their outlook and perspectives is a rather interesting and engaging thing to take note of and study. Writing an essay on their classmates acts as a way for them to vent their grievances.

Understanding the topic

7th grade essay writing is really not that tough. Once you have got a basic understanding of the fundamental guidelines, you can write on just about any topic that the teacher assigns to you. In this context, the topic is on classmates. This should not be interpreted as a platform for writing vicious things about your friends and exacting revenge or obtaining a little sadistic pleasure by revealing his or her secrets. Stay true to the topic and try and be as objective as possible.

Following the prescribed format

It is of utmost importance that you follow and strictly adhere to the format prescribed for 7th grade essay writing by your teacher. The most universally accepted format is:

  • Introduction: A short introductory paragraph, introducing the reader to the topic and the content that they shall be reading shortly.
  • Body: Usually consists of three paragraphs, containing the majority of the important content matter of the piece.
  • Conclusion: The last ending paragraph requires you to wrap up the piece with a good ending.

Neat and clean presentation

The final presentation to the teacher should be extremely neat and tidy as this affects the impression that the teacher garners of the student and of his level of organisation. A good idea would be to first write a rough draft, make the desired changes and corrections and then include these alterations in a final fair copy, which is to be turned in to the teacher. Remember to highlights the more important parts.

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