How to create a good 1-page essay on relatives

Family, in general, and relatives, in particular, make up our immediate surroundings growing up. We are bound to them by blood and, hence, we can always count on them to be our well-wishers and want what is the best for us. In order to write on and about relatives, one needs to consider the term from a variety of different angles. In this context, we deal with very short pieces on relatives and how to come up with an excellent one.

  1. Remember the word limit
    Word limits, or word counts, when considering how to write a 1 page essay. Never lose sight of the prescribed number of words within which you are supposed to wrap up your work. In this case, it is only a page, which roughly means that you can allot one paragraph each to the introduction, body and conclusion. This means that your writing has to be an extremely general overview and there is little to no scope of conducting an in-depth study of the matter.
  2. Relevance of relatives
    Many students ask the question: how to write a 1 page essay? Since there is a constraint on your words, the major portion of it should be dedicated to the relevance and utility of relatives:
    • Substitutes for parents: Relatives are the most trustworthy babysitters after our parents, and they do not even ask for a single cent.
    • Values: Relatives are, no doubt, the greatest teachers of values and morals that a child needs in order to be an ethical and good human being.
    • Teamwork and adjustment: Growing up with relatives, you learn that not everything is about you. The child grows up to be less selfish and self-centred, and is imbibed with ethics of teamwork and compromise.
  3. Negative impacts of the nuclear family
    This can be a part of your concluding paragraph. In current times, we see that the nuclear family trend has begun to take over at the cost of the traditional joint family. This has not only various social and economic implications, but also tons of effects on the life and mental makeup of the individual who grows up in such a family.
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