Guidelines On 5th Grade Essay Writing About Relations In School

5th grade is the last stop in junior high before a student gets promoted to high school. As a result, the teachers will try to ensure that the students have successfully been able to learn, understand and keep in mind all the basics that have been taught till that point of time before more complicated issues are piled on in high school. An easy way to do that is by assigning them to write on these fundamental topics.

Keeping the basics in mind

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while writing a 5th grade persuasive essay on relations in school:

  • 5th grade is not a time to be analytical. Try and keep you piece as clear and simple as possible.
  • Teachers, at this stage, mainly want to see if you are mature enough to understand the social implications of certain things. Try to show that in lucid language.
  • Make sure that your composition has no grammatical errors. That is something that a student of junior high should not be weak in.
  • Try to make your writing as unique as possible so that it stands out from the rest.

Make your essay all-encompassing

Your 5th grade persuasive essay should try and cover a wide outlook, in the sense that it should be a very general piece on the relevance of relations in school. This means that you have to write about not only the relations between a student and his friends, but also those between the student and his teachers, the student and the other working staff of the school, and the relations between the teachers themselves. It all comes under the umbrella term.

Personal recommendations

You should try and include some ways in which you think the quality of relations in school can be considerably improved. These do not have to be high quality administrative level decisions. Be sure to maintain your own personal views, not the formal tone that is presented by adults. Remember that the teachers are aware of the author’s age and they want a piece of writing that is appropriate for a student of that very level.

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