Writing an essay on the phenomenon of school bullying

You've been assigned an academic paper to write in class regarding the issue of school bullying. You might consider this an easy task but there is more to it than you think. You need to organize your academic paper in such a way that there is a proper structure to follow once you start writing. Bullying is a serious issue and through the medium of your academic paper you should motivate them to act.
However, for this purpose it is important to understand your audience and form a well-defined purpose that is focused towards them, which allows you to explain why you want to convince them in the first place. When you let your audience know why your efforts are relevant to their everyday life, you will have a context for your academic paper. Read on to find out how you are able to compose a good essay for bullying on the school campus.

  • Understanding the relation between the different aspects of your essay
    The structure of your academic paper on bullying should be based around the three concepts of purpose, audience and context, and all three will be connected to one another. As they are related, you need to take all of them into consideration while you are drawing up a plan for writing an effective academic paper. v
  • Focusing on the purpose
    • When you're tackling an academic paper on a topic as sensitive as bullying, your job is more than to convince your teacher that you have a strong grasp of English.
    • Think about the subject matter and go beyond it. Make the topic your own and think about the approach that might appeal to readers.
    • Consider who the academic paper is going to address and try to figure out the implications of your academic paper on that group.
    • Every audience will demand a separate purpose for the academic paper, and this means writing different types of academic papers. Once you consider your purpose, you will focus on the audience as well as the context constantly.
  • Why the readers matters?
    Different styles of writing will appeal to different folks. That's the rule. But what does this mean for your academic paper. Even if your topic stays the same, your style of writing is going to be altered considerably based on your readers. You must come up with separate versions of the same details to connect with your readers.
  • How to place your work in context?
    Context and purpose go hand in hand. Context is basically what provides your writing with a sense of purpose, which means that it is a stepping stone during the formation of your academic paper. A lot of times, we do not stand on a particular issue unless something or someone motivates us. The context provides this motivating idea. Keep in mind that if you're a novice when it comes to writing these types of academic papers, you might need to overcome several fears. Your writing will reflect your beliefs and your words will convey how you feel about bullying. So, it is best if you adopt a sensitive approach yet take a firm stance in response to the problem.
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