A Simple Method To Write An Essay On Importance Of Family

A family has a wide range of ways in which it is extremely relevant in society. For one, it is the place where a child is born and should grow up in, surrounded by family members, who shower the child with love as well as teach him or her the various lessons that one needs to survive in society. It is, hence, often said by many sociologists that a man is only a man in the company of other men.

Some important topics

Here is a list of topics to help you with your essay on family relationships:

  • Discuss the family as the structural and functional unit of society.
  • What do you think might happen if the family ceased to exist?
  • How do you think did the family come into being?
  • Trace your family tree to as far back as you can go.
  • How do you think the quality of family relationships that a child experiences and observes while growing up affects him later in life?
  • How do you think can family relationships be better improved in this age of high divorce rates?
  • What, according to you, is the role of religion in the family?
  • Nuclear vs. joint: Argue for any of the two kinds of families.
  • Discuss how the structure of the family has evolved.
  • Discuss how the functions of the family has evolved through the ages.

The new types of families

In your importance of family essay, you can write about the various new kinds of families that have arisen in the last century and are rather different from the typical socially accepted view of the family. These include the likes of the nuclear family, the family with parents of the same sex, the foster family, the single-parent family, to name a few. Discuss in your essay on family relationships and their relevance in modern-day society.

The family in popular culture

The family, as we all know, has been depicted in popular culture by a variety of television shows, movies and even books. You can examine why there has been a sudden upheaval of interest in this ancient social institution and why the people are readily watching and reading these. This can be a rather innovative as well as unexplored take on the matter.

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