A Collection Of Interesting Middle School Essay Topics On Personal Relations

Middle school acts as a bridge between junior school and high school. The children, at this age, are at a vulnerable and difficult stage in their lives. Puberty is knocking at the door, and with it, a plethora of related, but equally terrifying, problems. However, this is also the time when they start looking at things differently and questioning social norms. In order to encourage this spirit of enquiry and reform, but to channel it in a harmless and creative way, teachers often ask students to write on peculiar topics.

Various topics to choose from

Personal relations is a very interesting theme to cover and, here, we have included essay topics for middle school list:

  • Personal relations: What are they and how to better them?
  • What do you understand by the term, “personal relations”?
  • What do you think is the difference between personal and public relation?
  • How would you judge the quality of your own personal relations?
  • Discuss your personal relations at school, home and in the family circle, in general.
  • How do you think a person’s personal relations affect his or her performance and health?
  • Anonymously report on the quality of the personal relations of a close friend with his or her family, without mentioning the name.
  • Do you have a sibling? Discuss your relationship with him or her.
  • Discuss the different categories of personal relations.
  • How do you think personal relations change and grow with time?

Types of personal relations

Personal relations are of two kids: inter-personal and intrapersonal. The two, although sound similar, are very different from one another but are also rather closely related to each other. Interpersonal deals with relations that an individual has with other people and intrapersonal refers to the connection that an individual has with his own self, i.e., aware of his or her own inner being. You could incorporate this into your essay topics for middle school list as well and give it a more interesting twist.

Being analytical

This is one of those themes that require the student to be extra analytical of his or her acquaintances and friendships and examine them from a rather critical angle. In order to do this, get into your own mind and be objective about yourself and your relations.

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