Recommendations On How To Write A Creative Essay About Marriage

Marriage, as we all know, is a frequently discussed social construct. However, it is also so much more than that! It is the realisation of hopes and dreams, along with another person, who you take to be your lifelong partner, companion and confidante. This is the traditional view of marriage, anyway. With time and adjustment, a whole new lot of marriage options have come into being and they are just as popular as the old norms. Hence, there is no dearth of topics about marriage to write on.

Some interesting topics to consider

In case you are still on the fence about which topic to choose and write on, here is a list of creative writing essay topics on marriage that you can consider:

  • Marriage: the old and the new.
  • Marriage as a social construct.
  • How does marriage help hold the fabric of a culture together?
  • Discuss some of the new forms of marriage.
  • How have the governments of different countries, specifically yours, dealt with new forms of marriage?
  • Discuss homosexual marriage and your views on it.
  • What do you understand by open marriage and what are your views on it?
  • Do you think feminism is against women getting married at an earlier age voluntarily? Elaborate.
  • How did the feminist movement help change the preconceived role of a woman in a marriage?
  • Career or marriage: Which do you put first and why?

The new forms of marriage

Gay marriage, open marriage, contractual marriage, interracial marriage and, even, pet weddings! You can write on all of them briefly in your creative writing essay topics to give a general idea on how the historical, established, accepted, dogmatic marriage has undergone a complete change, especially, in the twentieth and 21st centuries. Do include your opinion about them but try to maintain a minimum level of objectivity and tolerance. After all, nobody likes a prejudiced bigot!

Your own thoughts

Your personal thoughts and views should find a place in your writing. Creative writing, after all, is all about giving a unique take on an otherwise ordinary subject. Talk about your own experiences with the marriages you have seen take place and their evolution over time, and how these observations have impacted your choice for or against orthodox marriage.

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