Composing an interesting family story essay with ease

Creative writing is an art and like all other forms of art requires time, practice, patience and determination. However, most importantly, it requires a guiding hand to train the beginner in this art. With a few tips and tricks on how to script a beautiful composition on just about any topic under the sun. This is the reason why it takes a set of professional tips and instructions to ensure that the student who is interested in creative writing has got the hang of it.

  • Get inspired
    There are a variety of good stories and books on family that you can take a cue from and base your family culture essay on. Now, hold on. Before you start getting excited thinking that it is alright to plagiarize, it is absolutely not. Taking inspiration and straight up copying from are two very different things. Instead of borrowing the plot line, you can compose your writing on the same theme or on the same period of time. The genre, theme, time period and even the backdrop can be the same but not the story, characters or the dialogues between them.
  • Take a cue from your own
    There are many television shows and movies that have been made about families and, in many cases, the script writer wrote the script based solely on his own family and his experiences with his family members. You can do the same and base your own family culture essay on what you have seen and experienced bin your own family. This could be a funny incident, an epiphany or a realisation, or how you all collectively helped one another mourn and get over the loss of a loved one.
  • Incorporate humour
    Make it point to incorporate humour into your story. This is because:
    • Humour can be appreciated by all.
    • Humorous plot lines ensure that the reader does not get bored.
    • Humour helps keep the story light and amusing, without letting it take a serious turn.
    • The ease of the read makes it appealing to people of all ages, classes and helps it stand out from the other family stories because humour never really gets old.
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