A comprehensive guide to essay writing on kindness

In this day and age of rapid technological advancements and urbanisation, there seems to be a shocking lack of the good old morals and virtues that were deemed an absolute necessity in older times. People who did not possess these qualities were frowned upon. Hence, in an endeavour to again re-instil these virtues among young children, teachers are assigning these topics for children to write on and as a result, think about their relevance and utility.

  • Negating the arguments against it
    The first and foremost thing to do while writing an essay on kindness is to negate all the arguments that go against this notion. This means that there are certain critics of the concept, who say that being too kind will ensure that you do not survive in this world. Your job is to effectively dismiss these arguments by proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the world was a much better place before these values became extinct.
  • Depicting its effect on society
    Your essay writing kindness should try and depict as clearly as it can what the world would look like if the entirety of the human race viewed each other with kindness and compassion in their eyes. Although this idea may seem a bit utopic for your taste, it really is not that hard to achieve if all of us would just stop being so utilitarian. Try and express this idea through your writing, i.e., try and capture your positivity and hope for this world through your words. Be optimistic in your approach.
  • Argue against it
    You can also try and make your writing stand out in its approach by adopting a stance that not many will dare to uphold, i.e., go against the motion.
    • Discuss how the origin of society is deeply rooted in the theory of utilitarianism.
    • Mention how mankind came into existence through the theory of “Survival of the fittest”.
    • Comment on the irrelevance of a manmade concept by referring to the food chain.
    • Explain how the world works on the basis of demand and supply, not merciful distribution.
    • Try and prove the unnatural basis of the concept.
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