The fail-safe method

compose a five paragraph essay about happiness

A five paragraph essay on the topic of happiness can be on just about anything. The paper can be planned out based on what you want to write about. After creating a strong topic and thesis statement, you can start planning your paper. Overall, it helps to remember the role of each paragraph and what information should be addressed.

Choose an Easy Topic

What comes to mind when thinking about the subject of happiness? This is the beginning process for brainstorming. Write down ideas that come to mind and eliminate those that lack interest. When you have omitted most ideas and settled on something you want to write about in further detail, you are ready to develop a thesis statement or main idea your essay will be written about. This should be strong, clear, and concise while being sharp and straight to the point. A weak statement makes writing more difficult since you may not be able to provide enough proof.

Research and Gather Info

Upon settling on a thesis statement or main idea you are ready to start research. This is when you start collecting content for your paper. You may have resources in mind already to get the search started. Be creative with ideas and opinions. When starting research it helps to find 3 supporting points you can turn into three paragraphs. If you find it difficult to get 3 supporting points you may need to tweak your main idea started in the introduction. The information gathered during research will help create an outline to start your rough draft.

Basic Outline for Your Paper

Here are a few points to consider when developing an outline for your paper. As you think about the subject of happiness you may have supporting evidence you want to mention. The outline helps assignment a spot for the information and where it will appear in the reading.

  • Introduction: background details about the topic and thesis statement detailing scope/main idea behind paper.
  • Body paragraphs: following the introduction you will have 3 paragraphs each detailing a supporting idea related to your main idea. Each paragraph offers another perspective that proves the main idea or thesis statement is true and why.
  • Conclusion: restates main idea while providing a brief summary of the essay. This is the last paragraph of the project that pulls all of your data together.
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