Crucial Essay Writing Hints About The Best Friend

Human beings are gregarious creatures, or social animals, by nature. They cannot live alone and will actively seek out other members of its own species in order to form bonds and alliances. In life, we all come across people from different walks of life on a daily basis. Some of them continue to be by our side throughout the journey of life, and they are our best friends. The typical my best friend essay is one of the most popular topics to be assigned.

Why should I write my best friend essay

At the very crux of your composition, should be the theme of the relevance of a best friend and how to select one. This means that you will have to elucidate on why each and every one of us needs to have a best friend or a loyal companion to share our joys and woes with. Also mention, how we can come across or find such a person and when we do, how do we know that the very person is meant to be our best friend. You may illustrate your points with examples from your own life.

Commercialisation of the term

If you have been observant, you may have noticed that in the past few years the term, “best friend” has lost its emotional value and has taken a turn for a more commercial implication. Best friend essay writing should also deal with this problem. Explain how big multinational giants and capitalist companies have snatched away the emotional factor and replaced it with cards and gifts to increase their own profits.

Understanding your level

While writing on the best friend, you must keep in mind the level at which you have studied or are intending the written piece for. These include:

  • Middle school or below: Students, at this age, are mostly expected to write about their own experiences with their own best bud.
  • High school: A more advanced inspection is expected. They are to use the term “best friend” in a unique manner.
  • College: More than your actual friend, the teacher is looking for innovative information regarding your interpretation of the term.
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