Proposing a solution of a family crisis: essay tips

Ever since the mid-20th century, divorces have become quite a common phenomenon. Earlier, although the divorce rates were considerably low, dysfunctional families and abuse was rampant in families, especially those in the rural area. As a result, the children coming from these families were not exactly well-adjusted as adults in society. Most became juvenile delinquents, whereas the others became adults with a long list of criminal activities or similar tendencies.

  • Some useful topics

    Here is a list of some proposing a solution essay topics for you to write on:

    1. Comment on the growing rate of divorce in today’s society.
    2. Divorce or a lifetime of compromise: which, according to you, is the better option?
    3. Name and discuss some of the major family crises of modern times.
    4. Imagine you are a married feminist. How do you think would your marriage differ from the traditional ones?
    5. Abuse in marriage: Discuss.
    6. How do you think broken homes affect the children in the family?
    7. How effective, in your opinion, is therapy in healing a family’s trauma?
    8. Alcoholism, abusive spouses and parents, poverty-how are these instrumental in creating a monster?
    9. Do you think abuse in families works in a cyclic pattern?
    10. Discuss sexual abuse at the hands of close family members.
  • A few helpful tips
    When the proposing a solution essay is on solving a crisis that has risen in the family, the teacher believes that all familial crises are temporary issues and can most definitely be sorted out. Keep this in mind while putting your stance across in your paper. Mention the use of therapies and interventions, how they work, and how effective they are in their intended purpose. In this context, mention how children learn their parents’ mistakes as well as their recovery through social learning and how important this is.
  • Appeal to the individual
    You should address your piece to an individual, who is the root of the crisis in the family, albeit in a passive and in third person as your piece should be a general one and not addressing any specific family. Keep stressing on how seemingly minor problems in a family can snowball into a big one and before long result in rather disastrous consequences. Look for similar ideas in your proposing a solution essay topics.
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