Creating An Essay About Bullying: Cause And Effect

Bullying, as it exists today, is one of the most horrifying and dangerous social evils that are rampant in our society in contemporary times. Its effects are both long term and short term, and, more often than not, leave both physical as well as mental scars on the victim. However, both the victim as well as the bully are victims, albeit of different circumstances. In order to nip this problem in the bud, children at schools should be well-educated about the effects of bullying.

Choosing a topic

In case you still do not know what to write about, here are a few topics for cause and effect essay:

  • Bullying: Discussing the so-called minor evil of society.
  • Effective ways to combat bullying
  • Have you ever experienced bullying? With reference to it, define what you feel about it.
  • Who do you think are most likely to face bullying?
  • Who do you think are most like to become bullies?
  • Bullying often leads to suicide: In light of this statement, try and explain how the string of suicides from bullying could have been prevented.
  • Is bullying only restricted to teenagers?
  • Discuss the new forms of bullying such as workplace bullying, spousal bullying and others.
  • Does sexual harassment tantamount to bullying? Explain.
  • How effective do you think is classroom therapy to combat bullying?

The victim’s perspective

Bullying has claimed many lives over the last decade. While writing about bullying, take into account some of these cases and how timely intervention could have avoided these unfortunate losses. A unique take would be to include what the families of these victims have to go through on a daily basis and how they feel about the whole issue. Try to delve into the psychological effects of bullying.

The bully’s perspective

Most of the times, the bullies are painted in such a harsh light that people do not really delve into the causes behind it. In most cases, the bullies, themselves, come from poverty-stricken, broken or dysfunction homes, and have grown up hearing things like, “Be a man”, or constantly being put down by their families. You could base your topics for cause and effect essay on this angle, giving it an original spin.

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